wackoLadies, monsters like this do exist. Take precautions so if you are ever in a life or death situation, you come out on top. So sad for this poor girl.

A Wisconsin man was charged with first-degree intentional homicide on Friday after he allegedly killed one of his former coworkers in the parking lot of the market where they both worked.

Christopher O’Kroley, 26, is accused of shooting dead 24-year-old Caroline Nosal at Metro Market Cottage Grove in Madison on Tuesday, a day after he was fired from his job.

Coworkers described the relationship between O’Kroley and Nosal, of Stoughton, as one that soured after O’Kroley ‘wanted more’.

O’Kroley’s bond was set at $1million on Friday after he was pushed into the courtroom in a wheelchair while wearing a suicide-prevention smock, according to WKOW. An anti-suicide smock is a tear-resistant noose-proof form of clothing that officials put detainees in if they are on suicide watch.

He was also charged with first-degree reckless endangerment.

Two weeks before the shooting, O’Kroley was suspended from work after Nosal told a store manager that she was being harassed by him.

O’Kroley told police that following his suspension, he began planning to kill Nosal and himself if he was fired, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

He also told police when he was arrested on Wednesday that he would have shot Nosal to death a day earlier but he wanted to practice shooting the gun he had bought Monday before using it.

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