Manager of FPSRussia Found Dead in Georgia

Keith RatliffThe manager and weapons provider for the popular YouTube channel FPSRussia, Keith Ratliff, was discovered dead early Thursday evening in Carnesville, Georgia. Details have been slow to emerge, but according to WLHR Radio, authorities have confirmed that he died as a result of a single gunshot wound to the head and that Ratliff had been deceased for some time before his body was found. A number of firearms were also discovered at the location.

“We received a call about a possible DOA,” said Franklin County Sheriff Stevie Thomas. “Upon the deputies’ arrival, they found a white male who was unconscious and not breathing. EMS personnel came and determined the man was deceased.”

Additional confirmation came from FPSRussia producer Kitty Wandel through her Twitter account:

Keith Ratliff was indeed our weapons guy and sadly was found having passed away on Thursday. The police are still investigating. I do ask… for some privacy at this time as I am sure you can imagine it has shocked and saddened us all at @TheFPShow and right now our… main concern is his family. Thanks for understanding. We will give more details as we can. Thank you.

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Wandel elaborated further in a later statement…



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