MANHUNT IS ON: Bronx Thugs Shoot Two Cops a Day After NYPD Funeral


It is a war zone over there.

Police have released surveillance footage showing the chilling moment an armed robbery suspect opened fire on two plain clothes NYPD officers on Monday night, shooting both.

The video clearly shows the face of the unidentified man inside a store. In another frame, he goes to leave but quickly pulls out a gun and fires from inside the building as he runs towards the door.

One 30-year-old officer was shot in the left arm and the lower back. He has undergone surgery and remains in critical condition, according to the NYPD. The second officer, 38, was shot in the chest and left arm, and is listed in stable condition. Both are expected to survive.

After the shooting, the gunman and another suspect in the armed robbery fled. On Tuesday morning, they still remained at large.

‘This is another indicator of the dangers our officers face in the line of duty,’ New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said after the incident. ‘Thank God, these officers will recover.’

The police officers were near the end of their shift when they got a call for an armed robbery at a grocery store just after 10pm on Monday.

As part of a five person anti-crime team, the two plain clothes officers started searching for suspects and came across two possible suspects on Tiebout Avenue in Fordham, the NYPD said.

‘These officers did something that was extraordinarily brave, and they did it as part of their commitment,’ de Blasio said. ‘They came off their shift. Upon hearing this call, they went back out in search of these criminals.’

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