Manhunt Over: Cop Killer Eric Frein Arrested, Faces Death Penalty


Bloodied nosed and arrested with the handcuffs of the state trooper he killed, Eric Frein is no longer ‘at large’.

Shackled with the handcuffs used by the trooper he is accused of shooting dead and with blood pouring down his face, a survival expert is hauled into custody after seven weeks on the run.

Eric Frein, 31, was found cowering near an abandoned air strip 48 days after allegedly ambushing two state troopers, killing one and leaving the other seriously wounded.

In a further symbolic move, he was carted off in the back of the dead trooper’s squad car to the barracks where his alleged victim was gunned down.

Pictures of Frein in the cruiser show him nursing a bleeding wound to the bridge of his nose, but officers insist this was sustained before his arrest.

U.S. Marshals surrounded him after receiving reports of a man going in and out of an empty hangar on the base in Tannersville, Pennsylvania, and later found a sniper rifle and pistol stashed nearby.

Prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty.

The quiet takedown of Frein, who kneeled and put his hands up when marshals approached him, ended weeks of tension and turmoil in the area, as authorities at times closed schools, cancelled outdoor events and blockaded roads to pursue him.

Frein was transported to the Blooming Grove barracks to be booked and await arraignment – the same police station where the shootings took place on September 12.

After 48 days on the run, Frein was remarkably clean shaven.

At a press conference held Thursday night, officials broke down the events leading up to his capture.

They said a group of U.S. Marshals was searching the area near the abandoned Birchwood Resort in Tannersville, about 35 miles southwest from the scene of the shooting last month.

Around 6pm, the group observed Frein walking towards the airport hangar in the middle of the field and ordered him to stop.

Frein followed their orders and was symbolically arrested with the handcuffs of fallen State Trooper Cpl Byron Dickson – the man Frein allegedly killed.

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