MANHUNT UNDERWAY: As CCTV Footage Reveals Identity of One Bomber Who Escaped

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 6.20.37 PMHope this one is captured sooner than the Paris attacker. Time to clean the streets of these jihadist thugs.

A major manhunt is underway tonight for an ISIS suspect in a white coat and black hat who fled Brussels Airport after two explosions ripped through the terminal in a suicide bomb attack this morning, killing 14 people and injuring dozens of others.

Police issued a wanted notice for the man who was seen on CCTV calmly pushing a luggage trolley through the check-in area with two other suspects minutes before the blasts at about 8am (7am GMT) today.

His alleged accomplices were wearing black gloves on their left hands, which security sources say would have hidden the triggers for their explosive vests.

Bombs were also said to have been planted in their suitcases which they checked in just minutes before the atrocities, according to the local mayor.

Zaventem mayor Francis Vermeiren said: ‘They came in a taxi with their suitcases, their bombs were in their bags.

‘They put their suitcases on trolleys, the first two bombs exploded. The third also put his on a trolley but he must have panicked, it didn’t explode.’

The two men blew themselves up while the third suspect is believed to have left his nail bomb before being spotted running from the terminal.

It is not known if the fugitive then sped to Maelbeek station to carry out the other blast that killed 20 people in a subway train just 79 minutes later.

Belgian police launched the manhunt as ISIS claimed responsibility for the massacres, which killed 34 people in total and injured close to 200 others.

As a series of anti-terror police raids were mounted across Belgium today, prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw confirmed two suicide bombers died in the attack on Brussels’ main airport while the third is being ‘actively’ sought.

In a statement, officers appealed for information about the on-the-run suspect, who was pictured wearing a hat and a light-coloured jacket.

‘Police are looking to identify this man. He is suspected of having committed the attack at Zaventem on Tuesday March 22,’ it said.

It also emerged this afternoon that police had discovered another nail bomb, a number of ‘chemical products’ and an ISIS flag at a house in the Schaerbeek area during a raid in connection with this morning’s attacks.

Police conducted dozens of raids and swooped on a number of suspects as the Belgian Foreign Ministry said many of those behind the terror plot are ‘still at large’.

It came after the world today woke up to yet another deadly terror attack in Europe – just four months after 130 people were massacred in Paris.

In all too familiar scenes, terrifying photos showed bloodied victims and maimed bodies after two bombs were detonated at Brussels’ main airport.

Just 79 minutes later, commuters on their way to work lost limbs as a third bomb tore apart a train carriage on the Metro line in Maelbeek – killing 14.

Horrifying pictures, many of which resemble the heartbreaking devastation seen in the wake of the London 7/7 bombings, show innocent commuters covered in blood and sprawled out on the floor after being targeted in the attack.

Europe now remains on high alert amid fears of further attacks from ISIS, which has already threatened to hit the UK ‘harder and more bitter’.

In a statement released today following the Brussels attack, the terrorist group said on its official Telegram account: ‘We promise to the states that are allied against the Islamic State that they will face dark days in return for their aggression against our state.

‘And what will await you will become harder and more bitter through the grace of Allah.

‘In praise of Allah who has made our blows precise and helped us succeed. we demand for him to accept our brothers among the martyrs.’

Brussels now remains on lockdown with police desperately carrying out a series of anti-terror raids in a city which has already been deemed a ‘clearing house for jihadism’. More jihadis have travelled from Belgium to fight for ISIS in Syria and Iraq than have gone from any other European country.

In the wake of November’s Paris massacres, it emerged that those behind the attacks masterminded them from Brussels leading French media to heavily criticise the Belgian authorities.

Bomber Salah Abdeslam, who was finally arrested on Friday, had links with the Brussels district of Moelenbeek – an area with a large North African population – whose mayor once described it a ‘terrorists’ den’ because of the number of jihadists living there.

In light of today’s attacks, two people in Brussels were arrested at gunpoint outside the city’s North railway station, a mile from the Maelbeek subway.

Another man was also taken into custody by armed police at Brussels South railway station near the suburb of Schaerbeek.

German media reported that three men were arrested on suspicion of terror offences on a motorway between Munich and Salzburg.

The men were said to have been Kosovans who had travelled from Brussels, and the Office of Criminal Police of Bavaria said inquiries were ongoing.

Another person was also arrested on a train near Amsterdam, while hours later shots were fired at the Dutch capital’s main train station during an arrest attempt. Police later confirmed the arrests in Amsterdam were not related to Brussels and the suspects were detained on suspected drug offences.

A suspect package found at Gard du Nord in Paris also delayed Eurostar services this afternoon.

MailOnline revealed earlier today that security services already have CCTV of one of today’s Brussels airport bombers including the moment he detonated his suicide belt.

Every space in the city’s airport is covered by four CCTV cameras, including the departures hall where at least 14 were killed.

Maelbeek station’s surveillance network is also being used to pinpoint the moment that 20 people were murdered 79 minutes later.

Police are already trawling through hours of CCTV footage filmed before and after the deadly explosions as they hunt for those behind the attacks.

The carnage began at 8am today when two suspected nail bombs were set off in the check-in area of Brussels airport. A third unexploded suicide belt was found in the rubble. Just 79 minutes later a bomb blew up an underground train.

Shocking images from Maelbeek station show the mangled remains of the train, smoke pouring out of the building and casualties littered on the pavement outside – just 400metres from the EU’s headquarters.

The bomb went off at 9.19am – just over an hour after two explosions killed at least 14 in a suicide attack on the Belgian capital’s main airport.

The British Foreign Office confirmed two Britons were injured in the explosions, while three American missionaries from Utah were also seriously hurt.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: ‘Embassy staff are providing consular assistance to two injured Britons and are ready to support any further British nationals that have been affected. British nationals should follow the advice of local security authorities and check our travel advice for updates.’

Mormon church officials said the three missionaries from Utah were Richard Norby, 66, Joseph Empey, 20, and Mason Wells, 19. Mr Empey is said to be recovering well after being treated for second-degree burns to his hands, face and head as well as shrapnel injuries.

Brussels’ public transport authority has revealed that the three-carriage train at Maelbeek was ripped apart by a single explosion, with the bomb set off in its middle carriage. It is not known if it was a suicide attack or a planted bomb.

Christian Delhasse, the driver of the Metro train, told Belgian broadcaster RTBF: ‘Seeing bodies on the floor, it leaves a mark on you.

‘I did what I had to do. Nothing happened to me, no injuries.’


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