MAN’S BEST FRIEND: Trauma Dog Helps 10 Year Old Girl Testify During her Sexual Assault Trial

11334056_849926418416594_665622214128084954_oBravo to this four-legged friend!

Caber, the trauma dog, helped a young girl give a detailed testimony during her sexual assault trial.

Surrey Crown Counsel Winston Sayson tells CBC news, the 10-year-old girl who wasn’t named, was allowed to have Caber next to her while she testified to help keep her calm.

“At this trial, Caber provided the unique kind of support that helped the child witness give a full and candid account of what happened to her,” Sayson says.

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In a statement provided by Sayson, he explained that Caber being allowed into the court room shows the criminal justice system’s ability to “evolve and be innovating in accommodating children and vulnerable victims.”

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