March On October 13, 2013: America’s Showdown Veterans March on DC

VET MARCHOn October 13, 2013, American veterans and other patriots are going to launch a major protest. President Obama has been using the government shutdown as an excuse to commit a string of outrages against Americans everywhere. These include the following unbelievable eye-poppers:

Denying treatments for children suffering from cancer.

Denying death benefit payments to families of fallen soldiers, while keeping the Andrews Air Base golf course open so Obama can continue to play.

Ordering the Park Service to hold elderly Yellowstone Park visitors in their hotel rooms under armed guard, then ordering them out of the park on busses and denying even a bathroom stop on the 2.5 hour drive out.

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Forcing people out of their own homes, including the elderly, when situated on park land.

Closing access to all national parks, monuments and park land, and beefing up patrols to keep people out. Trying to prevent people from even looking at Mount Rushmore

All military memorials, including the D-Day memorial and 23 other overseas memorials.

Forcing veterans at the Vietnam War memorial to leave.

Breitbart has included a complete compendium,here.

Three things to note: 1. none of the 17 prior shutdowns closed any of these activities; 2.virtually all of these activities are either costless or “essential,” like medicines for the kids with cancer; many are privately funded; 3. enforcing these extreme measures has cost more than they spent before the shutdown.

All of these outrages can be laid directly at Obama’s feet. The only reason he is getting away with it is because the media continues to largely give him a pass. The media needs to know how angry we are about their shameless cheerleading!

Million Vet March on the Memorials

This Sunday, October 13, 2013, the Million Vets March is descending on Washington, DC. Here is what the organizer has to say:

I want you to circle the date of Sunday, October 13, 2013.

And then I want you to help “circle the wagons” on that day to help protect and defend our brave veterans who risked their lives for our freedom – and now are being barred from visiting the memorials erected to honor their deeds.

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