Marine to the Rescue: Saves Girl Held at Knife Point

heroDetectives said Eliud Montalvo attempted several carjackings that were all within a block of one another at the corner of Conway and Curry Ford roads.

Officials said a retired Marine Corps veteran, Andrew Koplin, stopped the carjacker with his concealed weapon.

The first incident involved an 80-year-old woman in a parking lot. The other attempted carjackings happened within a block of the first one.

The last two were stopped by Koplin, who said he noticed Montalvo pulling a knife in a Publix parking lot.

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“He came right through here, kind of fast-paced walk, looking over his shoulder and I could see at first that he had the knife in his hand,” Koplin said.

Koplin said Montalvo got into a car with a young girl and held a knife to her throat.

Koplin was working around the corner and said he ran in front of traffic, got in front of the car and told him to get out.

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