MARTIAL LAW: Al Sharpton Fulfills Obama’s 2008 Wish, Demands for a DOJ Take Over on All Local Police Departments [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 8.13.24 AMDo you remember Obama’s speech back in 2008? The one where he calls for a ‘Civilian National Security Force’.

It seems Sharpton is now a stooge for his demands. We need to shoot this down fast! Just say no to Martial Law!

The Rev. Al Sharpton apparently believes the best way to avoid a police state in America is for the Department of Justice to take over local police departments.

Sharpton told the Baltimore Sun on Thursday that creating a national police force — a nightmare scenario for most patriotic Americans — is akin to the fight for the right to vote.

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The Twitterverse reacted to the Rev’s calls with its usual vitriol.

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