Maryland’s State Police Handgun Purchase Advice Could be a Snare to Your Feet

trapWe here at Associated Gun Clubs (AGC) are aware of the September 24, 2013, Maryland State Police press release notifying the public that MSP would not enforce the HQL provisions against purchasers who had their paperwork in before October 1, 2013, irrespective of when they actually take possession of their handgun.

We strongly discourage anybody from relying on that press release when purchasing and receiving a handgun.

The press release is contradicted by an opinion from the Attorney General’s office that an HQL would be required for taking possession of a handgun on or after October 1, no matter when their paperwork was filed. Furthermore, even if the Maryland State Police do not enforce the law, it is still a law, on the books, with criminal penalties attached to its violation.

Receiving a firearm without an HQL after October 1, 2013 is a violation of SB 281, and nothing would stop some other law enforcement agency from bringing charges under its provisions.
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