When Masked Thugs Attack Female Pro-Trumper, Feminists Weren’t There to Help Her, But This Guy WAS! [WATCH]

We don’t condone violence. And we want to point out that these Trump supporters did not start the violence.

A “Make America Great Again” rally in Huntington Beach, California was going on when a masked anti-Trumper pepper-sprayed and punched event organizer Jennifer Sterling. Obviously, Trump supporters were not happy with this and took action. They began beating down and chasing away a group of masked protesters who came there to disrupt their event. These intruders were carrying pepper spray and using it on people, many of them women.

A massive brawl erupted, and several arrests were made.

Travis Guenther, whose wife had been pepper-sprayed, was one of those who ran after one of the masked men (obviously the one who assaulted his wife). “I hit him five times with the flag over his head,” Guenther told the Los Angeles Times. “We’re not xenophobic. We’re not racist. We’re just proud Americans.”

Another group of Trump supporters tackled a masked thug who had pepper-sprayed a woman and detained him until he was arrested by police.

“They sprayed her. They were punching her,” Steele Vaz, 17, told the Los Angeles Times. “I was here to support [Trump] but I didn’t know it was going to be violent.”

And that’s how many of the pro-Trump supporters felt. They didn’t intend to be violent. They wanted to show their support for the president.

When anti-Trump rallies are held, does this kind of violence happen? Most of the time, the answer is no. The anti-Trumpers have free speech. They are allowed to hold their rallies (as long as they are peaceful). But why is it Trump rallies can’t be left in peace?


Seriously, what were these anti-Trumpers expecting, people to sit back and be assaulted? Nope, not today, not ever.


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