Maxine Waters: ‘I think too much credit is given to presidents about how the markets are working…’

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) — whom is “one of the most corrupt members of Congress” — appeared on “The View” recently and was asked by Jedediah Bila if she could give credit to President Donald Trump for one thing.

But that seemed too much to ask for the representative.


Bila pointed out how under Trump’s administration the Dow hit an all-time high and unemployment is at record lows, then she asked Waters straight up, “Are you willing to give him some credit in that arena, on the economy, that he’s making some progress?”

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Transcribed by IJR:

“Absolutely not,” Waters retorted. “I think too much credit is given to presidents about how the markets are working, and I really don’t think that he’s done anything that he can take credit for.

“So I don’t believe that he’s had any initiatives, he’s had any legislation, he’s not been involved in public policy,” the expert blame-shifting politician continued. “He doesn’t know really what’s going on on Wall Street. So I don’t give him any credit for it.”

“What about deregulating the economy, though?” Bila came back with. “What about some of the job promotion he’s done around the country? We talk about coal jobs … you don’t think that is in any way related to it?”

“No, absolutely not,” Waters retorted again. “He’s not really created any substantive number of jobs. He has made these people believe he’s going to bring back the coal industry. It is not going to happen.”

“At what point do you think his supporters figure that out?” Joy Behar added.

Maxine at this point described who Trump supporters are… which was really rich.

“Well, you know, you have to determine why they stick with him,” she replied. “They stick with him, not because they think he’s going to change government as such. I think they stick with him because he has made them believe that somebody else is responsible for their problems.

“For these small towns,” she continued, “and these areas where the stores have closed down, the jobs have left, ‘it is those people over there, I’m going to build a wall, I’m going to keep those people out, they’re the cause of your problem, they’re getting something for nothing, it’s not you,’ and they believe that.”

Of course Maxine is only selling this bullsh*t about presidents getting ‘too much credit’ for the economy because it is Trump in office. When President Barack Obama was in charge, Waters gave him an “A” for his work on the economy. You could say she is biased, especially since this was the time during Obama’s failed stimulus.

Got ya!


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