Mayor Bloomberg: If We Were Married, I Would Divorce You

ThrownOut-1So who is Mayor Bloomberg? Or maybe the better question is, who the hell does he think he is? From what I have seen, he is a rich, spoiled, arrogant, ego-maniac who thinks he is so all-knowing and powerful that he is the best person in the entire country to decide what is best for us. He is using his personal wealth to force his views on the rest of America.  Now he thinks that HE is the final judge on the constitution and that HE gets to decide when and how he gets to trample on our constitutional rights.

If you were married to someone who tried to control you as much as Bloomberg is, tell you that you can’t eat salt, how much you can drink, etc., you would be advised by all your friends and even mental health professionals that you should get marriage counseling immediately. And if your spouse refused to acknowledge their control issues and change them, then you would be advised by these same friends and mental health professionals to get an immediate divorce and get away from the sick, controlling person. Even my son was smart enough to break up with his girlfriend. He said she was, “Trying to control my sodium intake.” We laughed at the time, but it showed good judgment on his part to refuse to allow another person to control him, knowing salt intake could just be the start.

Bloomberg said there are times it’s OK for the government to infringe on our rights. Unbelievable. Hey, Mayor, that’s why they are called “rights” and they are very clear that they SHALL NOT be infringed on. Not “probably shouldn’t be”, not “may be infringed on sometimes” like when egotistical self-centered narcissists think THEY should be able to.

A mayor takes an oath to uphold the constitution. According to the City Clerk’s Office of New York (

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Oath of Office

If you have been elected, appointed, or hired by the City of New York, you must file your Oath of Office with the City Clerk.

The fee for an Oath of Office is $9 by credit card or money order payable to the City Clerk.

When you file an Oath of Office, you swear to support and uphold the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of New York, and the Charter of the City of New York.

You also pledge to faithfully discharge the duties to which you have been elected, appointed, or hired to execute.


An oath is when you give your word. Obviously his word means nothing. So when he says or promises anything, no matter what it is, you can’t believe him. Apparently he figures a $9 oath isn’t worth upholding. He obviously has no intention of doing so. Too bad there is nothing in the oath that states a penalty should the person be negligent in sticking to their oath. Guess that’s what makes him think he doesn’t have to abide by it – there is no obvious punishment for lying. But it sure shows that he is not an ethical or trustworthy person.

Bloomberg is using his personal wealth to buy or bribe or blackmail others into doing his bidding and ignoring the constitution. So what’s next? What other rights does he plan to infringe on? How about voting rights? People aren’t voting the way he thinks they should, so he’ll infringe on that. You’ll have to go through his personal screening process to be sure you’re going to vote the right way before he will clear you to go to the voting polls. Maybe the First Amendment. He’ll of course use it the way he wants, but if you say or write the wrong thing you’ll be brought before him like a subject before a king and he will either crown you or behead you depending on whether he approves of what you said.

But he’s probably right. I’m sure when his laws that infringe on our rights get to the Supreme Court, they’ll just say, “Oh, you are absolutely right, Mayor Bloomberg. These rights really only meant that they were waiting for someone like you to come along and decide they really could be infringed on because you are the absolute and final authority on what is best for every human being in America. We absolutely agree with you and as a matter of fact, we aren’t even needed anymore since we have you to make the final determination of constitutionality.”

While I don’t live in New York, it’s obvious from Mr. Bloomberg’s gun control agenda that he intends to extend to a nationwide level, like a highly-contagious deadly disease, his sick need to control everyone.

The one right I really, really hope Mayor Bloomberg continues to exercise is the right to free speech. He will continue to become more and more arrogant, and will continue to come right out and say what he has planned because he thinks no one can or will stop him. Think again, Mayor. The best way to get Americans energized is to underestimate them and overestimate your own importance. Good luck with that, buddy.


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