MAYWEATHER vs. PACQUIAO: Crowd Goes Dead Silent After Last Night’s Fight Results

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 7.19.06 AMI would too if I just saw a well known convict win the match.

LAS VEGAS, United States – It was an unusual sight.

After the winner was announced, there were cheers – but many in the arena were also silent, if not booing.

On Saturday, May 2, Floyd Mayweather Jr defeated Manny Pacquiao by unanimous decision in their 12-round unification bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, a fight that took over 5 years to make.

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But the pro-Pacquiao crowd was not happy.

The crowd that spilled out of the arena were unsmiling and sullen. Even Mayweather fans were not cheering loudly – perhaps because they were the minority.

To most international sports analysts, it was a decisive victory for the undefeated American.

Some fans, however, were not thrilled with how the fight turned out.

Pacquiao fan Darwin Miranda, who flew to Vegas from Toronto to watch the fight, did not see the type of flurry of punches and exchanges he was hoping for. He said Mayweather ran away most of the fight.

“We’re very upset. I think Manny had to be a little more busy. You can’t fight somebody that doesn’t want to fight. Mayweather runs around. He boxes, he doesn’t fight. What sells the fight is the fight. Manny Pacquioa sells fights because he fights. Everybody loves him. Mayweather sells fights because he talks,” he said.

“I wanted Manny to knock him out. I think Floyd was just running around the whole fight.”

Another Pacquiao fan, Paul Palasios, agreed that Mayweather’s style was not very entertaining.

“My opinion is Mayweather has a traditional way of winning. Hitting people, not trying to knock him out. That’s what happened in this fight. Manny needed to be aggressive,” he said.

Palasios conceded, however, that Pacquiao could have attacked and pressured his opponent more.

“Manny wasn’t aggressive in this fight. I’m very disappointed. My heart just went down after he lost. I go to Vegas every time Manny fights. So this is vey disappointing for me. I really wanted him to win this fight,” he said.

“He fought well but I think he had a hard time against Mayweather. He is the better fighter not to knock (Manny) out but to win.”

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