Media Bias and Anti-NRA Protests Causes Massive Spike in NRA Membership

National Rifle Association has received massive support after anti-NRA protests and media bias decided to target the lobbying group.

Searches for “NRA membership” in Google has risen to “4,900 percent” after the Florida attack, reports the Daily Mail. It all occurred during the left media, Democrat, and Hollywood celebrities’ push to blame the NRA for the shooting that Nikolas Cruz carried out; in a gun-free zone.

Chelsea Handler’s tweet on the day it happened epitomizes the attitude the far left has of the NRA:


Breitbart reports, “CNN’s February 21 gun control town hall highlighted the media’s animosity towards the NRA, as it featured survivors from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting confronting Republicans over NRA affiliation. The Guardian reported that one student spoke to Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), asking, ‘Can you tell me right now you will not accept a single donation from the NRA?'”

Not to mention the companies who dropped their NRA accounts in the wake of the school attack, ending discount rates for NRA members. Among those companies were Delta and United Airlines.

The majority of Americans saw through the “media bias” towards the Second Amendment, and rather than drinking the cool-aide on the NRA the reverse occurred, which was “an explosion in NRA memberships.”

Former NRA board member Cleta Mitchell said, “There is no one. NO ONE. Who joins the NRA for a discount on a rental car. You can rest assured that the NRA will not lose a single member as a result of this. If anything, it should spur people to join the NRA as a means of demonstrating that we who believe in the Second Amendment will not be bullied by these left wing multi-billion dollar corporations.”

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