Media Outlet Calls Ceremony Honoring Pittsburgh Shooting Victims ‘Controversial’ Because of the Flag Used

Yahoo! Sports reported on the touching ceremony the Penguins held for the victims of the Pittsburgh shooting. But their headline caught people by surprise.

We can all agree that honoring the victims of the Pittsburgh shooting is a noble thing to do. That’s why the Penguins took to their home ice to do just that. But even the thoughtful ceremony came under fire because of the flag that was used.

The team held an 11-second moment of silence in memory of the 11 who lost their lives in the shooting. They wore a “Stronger than Hate” patch which had both the team logo and the Star of David on it. The opposing team, the New York Islanders, wore a similar decal on their helmets.

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A black and white silhouette of the city with the words “Stronger than Hate” was placed on the scoreboard during the ceremony and a video tribute was played before face off.

And to top it off? The ceremonial puck drop included Pittsburgh police chief Scott Schubert along with Officers Anthony Burke and Mike Smigda, both of whom were wounded in the attack.

Sounds wonderful, right? Well, not to everyone.

Yahoo! Sports covered the story with the headline “Controversial flag causes stir at Penguins ceremony for Pittsburgh shooting victims.”

Why was such a moving ceremony controversial you might ask?

Well, because they pointed out that some on social media thought displaying the “Blue Lives Matter flag” was insensitive to the Black Lives Matter movement.

We all know that the flag used in the ceremony is a long-standing symbol of respect for law enforcement and first responders, which Yahoo! did point out in their article.

But that’s the problem, why did they need to point it out at all? Most viewed the ceremony as it should have been viewed, a sign of respect and support for the victims and their families. And that could have been that.

Yet, this media outlet let a few oddball tweets cloud their vision.


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