Meet the Fish Afraid of Water

Sounds like a paradox, but it is true. There is a fish so scared of water, it lives in a tiny cave and has been documented on film for the first time ever.

Located in Guam, Micronesia, the leaping blenny seeks its home three feet above the tide and retreats to higher ground when even the smallest splash of water threatens to invade its cave.

Via Daily Mail: The poor swimmer, which resorts to rolling its body in puddles to stay wet, was captured on film by the BBC’s Blue Planet II for its latest episode, Coasts.

Introducing the Pacific fish, narrator Sir David Attenborough reveals the creature’s sea-fearing habits.

‘One marine creature has virtually abandoned the sea altogether,’ he says.

‘On a few remote Pacific islands lives the most terrestrial fish on the planet.

‘These Pacific Leaping Blenny seem afraid of the waves. They are poor swimmers and would be easy prey in the sea.’

The fish can leap much farther than its three-inch body length in order to avoid being swept into the sea and feeds on algae growing on the cliff face.

It flashes an orange patch on its dorsal fin to attract females to its home in the rock crevice, where the mate lays her eggs.

Series producer Mark Brownlow said: ‘In the last of our habitat-based episodes we visit our coasts.

‘They may be our window to the oceans, where we go for rest and relaxation, but the creatures that live here have to go through incredible hardships to survive in this divide between land and sea.

‘From sea lions that drive massive tuna onto dry land to heroic puffins struggling to feed their young.

‘This episode is going to be extraordinary because we’ve got so many new, incredible stories.’


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