MEET MY GUN: Burglar Comes Face-To-Face With This Great Grandma’s Gun

8220518_GThe good guy wins this one! Don’t mess with grandma!

MUNCIE, Ind. – A 29-year-old Muncie man is behind bars after attempting to rob a 61-year-old great grandmother in her home Sunday morning.

Unfortunately for the burglar, Anne Nichols had an alarm system, two dogs, and a gun, so the burglar was in for a big surprise.

Nichols and her sister, Jane, spent a portion of their day Thursday combing the backyard. They were searching for a .22-caliber bullet. It’s the only remnant of a weekend attempted burglary gone wrong – at least for the alleged burglar.

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“It was about 1:10 a.m. Sunday morning and my alarm went off and said ‘Zone 7.’ Zone 7 is my garage,” Nichols explained as she pointed to the alarm system mounted on the wall of her Muncie home.

She went outside to check it out and found the door ajar, so she shut it and then went back into the house to get her gun.

“He didn’t make a run for it. That is why I said he is really a stupid robber. When I shut the door, he could have gotten out,” she revealed.

She came back with the hardware and her nephew.

“I stood at the door with the key and said if anyone is in the garage we have a gun and we are coming in,” Nick Dalton, Nichols’ nephew added.

The gun-toting great grandma entered first, Jane second, but Nick noticed Mark West Jr. hiding behind the door when he entered and pinned him behind the opened door. Then great grandma went into action.

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