Megyn Kelly on CNN Rumors, ‘Don’t Believe a Thing You Hear, Unless it Comes From Me’ — Are You Upset?

kellySo she may not be leaving after all. But then again, she didn’t rule it out. Either way, are you bummed to hear about this?

Megyn Kelly has responded to reports she may be leaving Fox News for CNN by telling her two million Twitter followers to ignore the rumors – but didn’t completely rule out the blockbuster.

Last week, Drudge Report claimed that CNN President Jeff Zucker was eyeing Kelly to join their primetime line-up when she finishes her contract with their network news rivals in July 2017.

‘He is moving the Himalayan mountains to get her, but they are tripped up on money. He simply can’t pay her the $20 million a year Fox has on the table,’ said the insider.

But Kelly has now poured cold water on the claims stating directly: ‘Many reporters are writing articles about me and my future at Fox. Don’t believe a thing u hear unless it comes from me, period.’

Kelly made it clear in a Tweet that her fans and followers shouldn't pay any attention to rumors

Last week’s report suggested that Zucker wanted to have Kelly anchor a show in the 8pm or 9pm hour on the network.

The move baffled media insiders as not only would Kelly have had to take a lower salary but CNN continues to lag well behind Fox News in the ratings.

‘The anchor is ‘despised’ by fellow on-air talent. And FOX insiders describe how it’s gotten only worse since the release of her book, which is expected to end the holidays under 500,000 total copies sold,’ the story read on Drudge.

‘Zucker at CNN would compensate her salary with heavy promotion and synergy across all Time Warner outlets.’

In a recent interview with AdWeek Kelly said, ‘You know, I’m seriously considering my future and I do feel very grateful that I have a spot at Fox News.

‘I really have respect for the Murdochs. I haven’t known them very well but I’ve come to know them and so far I like everything I’ve seen. So the thought of working for them is very alluring.

‘But I have to figure this one out and give it all the consideration it deserves because I’ve got these three little people with me who I really love and want to see as well. This is a big one for me and I don’t want to screw it up.’

During the past week, Kelly has been on a book tour to promote her memoir Settle For More, which debuted atop The New York Times Best Sellers List last week in both the hardcover nonfiction and combined print and e-book nonfiction categories.  

Fox News insiders who spoke with Drudge said that Kelly is ‘despised’ by the other on-air talent at the network, which if true could mean that going to CNN for less money would not be that big of an issue for Kelly.


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