Megyn Kelly Off the Air After Attacking Jane Fonda

Apparently Megyn Kelly’s attempt to grab some headlines, by attacking Jane Fonda, has backfired on the journalist causing NBC to play a recorded tape during her one hour morning show on Today; just one day after the fact.

Instead of letting Kelly go live for her broadcast, NBC ran a taped episode after the host received harsh criticism for — and much public interest — for going after Fonda for her visit to Hanoi in North Vietnam back in 1972.

This isn’t the first attack Kelly has done against Jane Fonda. In September, she pointedly asked the actress about her plastic surgery, to which Fonda was visibly offended and completely ignored the question.

Fonda hasn’t let that slide and apparently has influence over NBC.

The pre-recorded, “planned episode received no extra promotion from NBC, getting a brief mention on Today two minutes before air and a taped tease from Kelly at 8am on the morning show,” reports the Daily Mail.

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Further more NBC didn’t try to hide the fact it was a ‘Previously Recorded’ episode, broadcasting these words at the top of the screen, which is rarely done in network television.

Via the Daily Mail: Kelly’s audience on Monday sat through the sex trafficking episode after a very eventful close to episode one. 

That was when Kelly criticized Fonda for her actions during the Vietnam War four decades ago on her now infamous trip to Hanoi.

She also claimed that the actress had yet to apologize for her 1972 tour of North Vietnam, a claim is questionable at best, with Fonda stating multiple times that she regrets ever giving off the impression that she did not support US troops.

This was all brought on by Kelly’s anger at Fonda repeatedly bringing up a questions she asked back in September about her plastic surgery.  

Kelly incensed many from the liberal base she would often toy with during her years on Fox News with those comments on Monday, and a host of celebs quickly came to Fonda’s defense.

‘Megyn Kelly is a moron – spineless wanna be barbie – she sucks and so does her show,’ wrote Rosie O’Donnell.

‘What a moron this woman is,’ noted Rosanna Arquette.

Debra Messing said: ‘This is disgusting. Shameful.’ Messing was Kelly’s first guest on the Today show.

With the criticism came support also, however. Lawyer Kurt Schlicter responded to Messing’s tweet: ‘Maybe you should prioritize American heroes, like VADM James Stockdale, who were tortured and sometimes murdered by the communist bastards Hanoi Jane cavorted with, over your Hollywood traitor pal.’

This could be just the response Kelly wants though in hopes that it might be able to drive up ratings on her show, which after a recent uptick is slowly starting to drop again over the past week. 

Though we don’t support Fonda’s actions in Vietnam, we totally dig that Megyn Kelly is getting grief. Seems like she can’t make it in the Liberal circles she placed herself in.

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