MERKEL & CO.: Scheme to Tax This Group of People to Pay for Germany’s Growing ‘Refugee’ Problem

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 3.57.42 PMThese people are going to be forced to pay for an issue that started because of a bad government decision. Sounds very typical of the government to punish others for their bad choices. If I was a German citizen, I would be headed for the hills at this point.

GERMANY is plotting to levy a punitive tax on British motorists to help subsidise the growing bill for coping with the millions of migrants flooding towards its borders, it emerged today.

The country’s finance minister provoked outright fury when he suggested that a windfall tax should be slapped on petrol in the UK to raise cash to combat the refugee crisis.

Wolfgang Schaeuble said the European Union should be able to milk motorists for every litre of petrol sold on our shores, with the proceeds going towards helping states cope with the influx of migrants.

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Critics today branded the proposal “pernicious“ and said it demonstrates how Britain will never be free of EU madness unless it votes to leave the 28-nation bloc.

The scheme is bound to infuriate David Cameron, coming at a critical time for his much-criticised negotiations to wrestle back key powers from Brussels ahead of an in/out referendum on Britain’s membership.

In a controversial interview with respected broadsheet paper Süddeutsche Zeitung Mr Schaeuble, who is Angela Merkel’s right-hand man, said that no measures should be off the table when it comes to dealing with the migrant crisis.

He said: “I have said, if the funds are not sufficient in the national budgets and the European budget, then let us agree, for example, that we impose a levy on each litre of gasoline at a certain height.

“The problem must be solved at a European level, otherwise, it won’t just be Germany that suffers the consequences, as some seem to think, but our neighbours will be massively affected too, as will the Balkans, and all the way down to Greece. Things are moving too slowly in Europe.

“I support, with the full force of my convictions, what the chancellor says: we need to solve the problem starting from Europe’s external borders. Europe will find itself in an even bigger crisis.

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