Merkle Takes A Dig At The U.S. — But Trump Isn’t Putting Up With Her BullSh*t

Angela Merkel might have a lot of power, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s smart.

The German Chancellor recently stated that Europeans can no longer rely on other countries (like the U.S.) and should “take our fate into our own hands.”

Yeah…oh, by the way, how is that open border thing working out?

Well, Trump knew exactly who the Chancellor was talking to (hint, it was him) and he fired back in a Trump-like fashion.

We have a MASSIVE trade deficit with Germany, plus they pay FAR LESS than they should on NATO & military. Very bad for U.S. This will change.

Trump and Merkel met twice twice during his overseas trip.

At both the NATO summit in Brussels and the G-7 gathering in Sicily, she stated that “Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own hands.”

At a rally earlier this wee she said:

“The times in which we could rely fully on others — they are somewhat over. This is what I experienced in the last few days.

“I can only say that we Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands — of course in friendship with the United States of America, in friendship with Great Britain and as good neighbors wherever that is possible also with other countries, even with Russia.”

Well, let’s just see how well the U.N. will do without the United States. Let’s just see what countries will listen to a leader who can’t even control the migrant problem pouring into her country.

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