Message to President Obama: You Are Impeachable

kingThis past week you stood up in front of the county and stated that, “the gun lobby and its allies willfully lied about this bill” referring to the Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act of 2013. You went on to say that the legislation specifically outlaws any gun registry. Now, we all know none of you guys read the bills, you’re always admitting it. Nancy Pelosi is the one who said you have to pass it to see what’s in it.

When we say the gun bills could have their own loopholes, you get all indignant. How dare we? How dare the peasants question His Majesty? We dare because more people trust you less every day. We trust complete strangers on the internet more than we trust you because we know we will all be looking at bills for the loopholes. You certainly won’t be honest, despite your pledge to be the most transparent administration in history. What “the gun lobby and its allies” pointed out was that the bill ONLY prevented the Attorney General from creating a registry. One person. It didn’t specifically prevent anyone else from creating a registry. Any 16-year-old could have found that loophole. Come to think of it, maybe that’s what we should do with all legislation from now on since you guys won’t read it – have teenagers read it because they are experts at finding loopholes in any rule.

The latest Gallup poll shows only 4% of people are concerned about guns, yet you’re calling gun control, “The will of the people.” When you were working on the health care bill, Representative Brian Baird of Washington State had a survey on his website. He listed five things and asked people to rate which things they were most concerned about. Was health care first? No. Was health care second? No. Was health care third? NO. Health care was not even in the top three concerns. So why was it shoved down our throats? Obviously it was not the “will of the people,” it was the “will of the Democrats.”

So don’t stand up there all morally superior acting like “the gun lobby” was bullying senators. You keep trying to portray the gun lobby as rich gun manufacturers. The rest of us see the gun lobby as us – normal everyday American citizens. And we were simply expressing our will, the real will of the people, not your will. Get over it.

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You are so used to dividing and conquering groups – whites, conservatives, Tea Partiers, rich people, big business. In your arrogance you have missed one very important concept – gun ownership, NRA membership, “the gun lobby” crosses all political parties, all socio-economic classes, and both genders. You can’t isolate us out and neatly surgically remove us. When you call the “gun lobby” liars, you are calling MILLIONS of Americans liars. As Dr. Phil likes to say, “How’s that working for you?”

You stand up there angry, indignant, smirking, like you think you can do whatever you want and what do we think we’re going to do about it. Well, let me tell you what we can do about it. This weekend, my niece told me that even her liberal friends are saying that if you try to push through gun control by way of executive orders, then it is time for you to be impeached. They realize that if you’re willing to trample on one constitutional right, you are willing to trample on any of them that get in your way. So tread lightly, Mr. President. You are not almighty. You are not all-powerful and you are not untouchable. But you are impeachable.


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