MEXICAN ACTOR WHO HATES TRUMP: Danny Trejo Shows Up to High School, ‘There is a RACE Problem.’

On Monday a massive fight between black and hispanic students broke out. The school held a meeting and although Danny Trejo has no children enrolled in the school, he still decided to attend. Check out his rant.

Mexican-American Actor Danny Trejo attended a safety meeting at a California high school on Wednesday night two days after a massive melee broke out over what may have been a race related issue.

While some at the Sylmar High School safety meeting in the San Fernando Valley argued that tensions between black and Hispanic students had nothing to do with the brawl, Trejo apparently disagreed.

‘There IS a race problem. Your heads are in the sand,’ Trejo said at the meeting, according to Beverly White of NBCLA who tweeted a photo of the actor as he spoke with passion.

Trejo has two children thought they are not students at the school. He decided to attend the meeting because he is a member of the community, according to Fox 11.

Trejo has starred in several films and television shows and is most recognized as the character Machete, originally made for the Spy Kids series of movies. The role was later expanded into Trejo’s own series of films.

The Sylmar High Newz, a Twitter page dedicated to keeping students updated about campus activity ,thanked Trejo for taking part in the discussion about Monday’s melee.

Trejo urged students at the school to speak at the meeting and several stood up to talk about how much they love their school and how they were disappointed about the amount of negative media attention the school was getting.

One student told Fox 11 that she thinks the fight was gang related and said that students at the school have gang affiliations but added that she doesn’t think the issue was about race.

The mass brawl involving about 40 people broke out on the campus of a Los Angeles high school, in a fight that officials believe was started at prom over the weekend.


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