MEXICAN PRESIDENT: Claims Trump is a ‘Real Threat’–Is This Good News for America?

It looks like Trump’s meeting with Nieto didn’t go as smooth as we thought. But could this be a good thing for the US? Mexico might take us seriously now.

President Pena Nieto has branded Donald Trump’s policies ‘a real threat’ to Mexico as he ramps up rhetoric against the Republican a day after the pair met for talks.

While Nieto and Trump struck a conciliatory tone at a joint press conference yesterday, both have since gone on the attack.

Nieto in particular has sought to toughen his stance after the meeting was dubbed a ‘national humiliation’ and he was branded a ‘traitor’ by protesters saying he should have forced Trump to apologize for his comments on Mexican immigrants.

Speaking to young people during a late-night town hall on Thursday, Nieto defended the meeting, saying it was a tough decision, but one he felt it necessary to take.

He said the easier path would have been to ‘cross my arms’ and do nothing in response to Trump’s ‘affronts, insults and humiliations.’

Nieto added that he believes it necessary to open a ‘space for dialogue’ to stress the importance of the U.S.-Mexico relationship.

He said: ‘What is a fact is that in the face of candidate Trump’s postures and positions, which clearly represent a threat to the future of Mexico, it was necessary to talk.

‘It was necessary to make him feel and know why Mexico does not accept his positions.’

But Nieto’s detractors accuse him of failing to make Mexico’s anger heard over remarks in which Trump called immigrants ‘rapists and murderers’.


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