‘This Is For Michael Brown’: Armed Robber Holds Up St. Louis Restaurant ‘For Michael Brown’

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Because nothing screams justice like robbing a restaurant.

Two armed raiders held up three couples leaving a St Louis restaurant shouting: ‘This is for Michael Brown,’ before running off with their belongings.

One of the men was holding a silver gun as the diners, aged between 59 and 61 left the Eleven Eleven restaurant on Mississippi Avenue, in St Louis, Missouri.

St Louis Police confirmed that the three couples were walking north on the west side of the street after leaving the restaurant around 11pm on Saturday.


One of the men brandished a silver gun. Police said both men were black and in their early 20s. The first man was described as being of thin build and wore a white tank-top and blue jeans. He had medium length twisted braids and had a small sliver handgun.


The second man was 5’8 and was wearing all black clothes with a black ski mask.

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