Michael Brown Documentarian LOSES HIS SH*T When Martha MacCallum Schools Him With the FACTS [WATCH]

So this guy edited the video footage of Michael Brown. To fit his narrative. Hmm, that sounds very familiar. How many others have done this before him?

This guy does seem out of his mind. And when he loses it, he confirms he is loony.

MACCALLUM: “Jason, good to have you here. Good evening to you.”

POLLOCK: “Hello, hi, how are you? I am simply stunned by that report. Simply stunned. Beautiful job. Fake news 101.”

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MACCALLUM: “Hold on. I have a question for you because to me, what are you proposing legally–it makes no difference if a robbery happened, or a trade for pot happened, or whether a bank got robbed or he was home doing his homework. What matters is what happens in the street when he and Officer Wilson encounter each other. So why have you focused so heavily on what happened in the convenience store?”

POLLOCK: “That’s a very interesting way to phrase this because I completely agree with you, and the reason we put out this convenience store tape now is so people could get [over] it because he didn’t rob the store. And anyone who sees the exchange take place with a conscience, a heart, two minds [sic], and is not a bigot, pretty much understands what happened. Unfortunately, there’s some people in America with so much bias inside of them that they just wanna think that Michel Brown is a bad guy. But yes, let’s talk about the physical evidence on Canfield.”

MACCALLUM: “No. hold on, Jason. They think that perhaps Michael Brown is a bad guy because 40 FBI agents went to Ferguson to investigate this case at the behest of Eric Holder, who showed up almost immediately after it happened. I think it’s fair to assume that they really believed that they were going to be able to indict Officer Wilson, that he had acted wrongly.”

POLLOCK: “No, I don’t think that that’s–I don’t think that that’s–that’s absolutely not true! Don’t just say that.”

MACCALLUM: “You’re just saying plenty of things. So let me just…the FBI agents went down there, Eric Holder went down there–”

POLLOCK: “To indict Darren Wilson? To indict Darren Wilson? No way! You know how the system works. These cops get off every single time. Bob McCulloch has been the prosecutor for over two decades, and for 23 years–”

MACCALLUM: “Here’s the fact of the matter, Jason–”

POLLOCK: “Excuse me! Let me just finish this. Let me just finish this! For 23 years, according to The Washington Post, there has not been a prosecution of a single police shooting in St. Louis County.”

MACCALLUM: “So you believe–you believe. Hold on, now it’s my turn. Back down. Listen to me–”

POLLOCK: “Every single one of them? Every single one of them? None of them are indictable?”

MACCALLUM: “It’s my turn. You’re suggesting that 40 FBI agents were all in cahoots to make sure that this person was not indicted?”

POLLOCK: “I’m suggesting the Department of Justice failed. Yes, they failed. They failed. They failed! And in my film, my film, Stranger Fruit–”

MACCALLUM: “Listen to me. It’s not possible in your brain that what happened there, that what was found by both the grand jury, and 40 FBI agents–”

POLLOCK: “No, no, no, no.”

MACCALLUM: “–you’re discounting, you’re saying that all of that doesn’t matter?”


MACCALLUM: “Their investigation is absolutely not true? That Michael Brown did not reach into that car to grab his [Darren Wilson’s] gun?”

POLLOCK: “When the facts of this case come out. When the facts of this case come out! Excuse me, miss, can I speak now?!”

MACCALLUM: “You can.”

POLLOCK: “When the facts of this case come out in my film, Stranger Fruit–the real facts of this case; the facts of this case that Bob McCulloch doesn’t want us talking about. Like the fact that Michael Brown was shot in the head, and a bullet came out of his eye. Do you know how that would happen? When your head is down, and there’s a bullet in the ground. In their report, there’s a bullet in the ground by Michael Brown’s head.”

MACCALLUM: “What I know–”

POLLOCK: “Excuse me! Excuse me! I’m not done yet!”

MACCALLUM: “–there were three different forensic investigations that were done that show that he was shot in the front. Everyone in the country was told this narrative that he was shot in the back; that he had his hands up, and said ‘don’t shoot,’ which was all discounted by–”

POLLOCK: “I don’t care! They failed him! They all failed! They all failed! They all failed! Do you know how many black men are in jail right now–do you know how many black men are in jail right now for nothing? For nothing?! Because the Department of Justice failed them?! Do you know how many black men are in jail right now? Don’t just tell me because they closed the book on it, we’re okay! My film will show the public the truth, ma’am! And if you want to know the truth you should watch it!”



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