Michigan Forces Grandparents to Choose Between Their Guns and Grandchild…

Couple William and Jill Johnson — from Ontonagon, Michigan — want to become the foster-parents of their grandchild. The Michigan government has an issue with that though…

The Department of Health and Human Services is forcing them to choose between owning a gun and being the grandchild’s foster-parents.

Via Bearing Arms: William Johnson and his wife, Jill Johnson, of Ontonagon, were asked to be foster parents to their grandchild, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court. But William Johnson was surprised when caseworkers asked for the serial numbers for all of his guns and allegedly told him, “if you want to care for your grandson you will have to give up some of your constitutional rights.”

The Johnsons and one other Michigan family, arguing their second amendment rights were being infringed on, sued. The case, Johnson et al v. Lyon, was filed on July 17 in the United States District Court Western District of Michigan.

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In its licensing rules for foster parents, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services classifies guns as hazardous materials. As such, guns must be stored securely and out of reach for children. That includes keeping them in a locked place, locking up ammunition separately, locking the trigger and registering the handgun.

Can you imagine being told you have to surrender your constitutional rights to be a foster-parent to your grandchild, whom naturally you are a legal guardian to?

Are the case workers and The Department of Health and Human Services of Michigan violating the law of the land?

Give us your thoughts.


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