MIGRANT CRISIS: Turkey Was Paid BILLIONS to Stop Migrants, but Corrupt Police Let Them…

Time to hire a whole new police force. Absolute bullsh*t.

Syrians, Afghanis and Iraqi nationals have all told Express.co.uk they paid backhanders to corrupt officers so they can cross the Aegean, despite the controversial deal between Ankara and the European Union.

EU officials last month agreed to give billions to Turkey for it to keep Middle East refugees. It also gives Turkey’s hopes of inclusion in the Schengen zone a huge boost.

But Express.co.uk can exclusively reveal problems within the police runs so deep officers turn a blind eye for just a few pounds, making the deal pointless.

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Mohammed Miresh, who is travelling to Europe with his wife and sons from Syria, said: “There is so much corruption in the police in Turkey. They catch you and you give them money and you can go.

“The guards in the sea, if they want to catch you they will send you back. But if you give them money you can go on.

“We hear about the corruption in Turkey, so it was not a surprise to us.”

Those who had made the journey said the price they have to pay depends on the officer stopping them, but it is often as little as 10 Euros.

Shockingly, families stuck in a refugee camp in Presevo, Serbia, close to the Macedonian border revealed they have even seen the smugglers in close contact the police.

Mohib Njar from Syria said: “The big guy for the smugglers, the Turkish one who is running things, he turned up to meet them with us and he came in a police car.

“If the smugglers get caught they can give them the money and then they leave them alone.

“I think the police and the smugglers are working together because they see what is happens and they don’t even react.”

Ahmad Dahik, 25, who came from Hamas in Syria, also thought they were working together.

He said: “Police and traffickers are like close friends. They make a business together.

“You can pay them to pass. It just depends what they ask – 10, 20, 100 euros, it depends.”


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