Migrants Live Stream GANG RAPE, Justice System Gives Them Slap on the Wrists and…

We are constantly hearing about how migrants have raped women.

Well, there were a bunch who thought it would be a good idea to live stream the rape of a Swedish girl.

Police rushed to the scene after they were tipped off by someone watching the live stream in horror. An online witness said the victim had her clothes pulled off by armed men and was sexually assaulted before cops arrived and turned off the camera.

The two men, aged 18 and 20, who are both from Afghanistan, were arrested in the city. The [suspects], who cannot be legally identified under Swedish law, have not been charged.

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In Sweden a person suspected of a serious crime can be detained without being charged with the approval of a court. But this is only if there is a risk they will flee the country.

The men deny the accusations.

The Sun


Now we get to see Swedish justice at work. And you aren’t going to like it:

A Swedish court jailed three men on Tuesday for up to two and a half years for the rape of a woman that was broadcast live on Facebook. The rape, which shocked Sweden, took place earlier in this year in the city of Uppsala.

Two of the men were convicted of rape and the third, who received a six-month sentence, of failing to report the crime and defamation for broadcasting it. The court did not give their ages but said they were born between 1992 and 1998. The men denied the charges, saying the woman had given consent to having sex with them. However, the court said “It is not possible for a person in that situation to give consent. They should therefore be held accountable for rape.”

Louder With Crowder

First off, the country was really shocked when this happened? Have they been ignoring the news coming out of Germany and other countries that have accepted migrants?

Second, only two of them got two years. TWO YEARS? They gang raped a woman!

Oh, and did you notice the lack of the word deportation? Guess after those two years are up (or in the one guy’s case, six months), they can all stay in the country.

Just a slap on the wrist then? Well, what did you expect from a country with open borders?


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