Mike Pence Breaks SECURITY Protocol at North Korea Border to Send This BOLD Message

Vice President just gave North Korea one cold death stare.

He did it in style too. Not wearing his usual suit and tie, states-man, attire.

Nope, he was dressed like a man ready for war, donning a leather bomber jacket.

Our VP made a surprise visit to the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on Monday. According to reports this broke his security plan.

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Why did he do this? Pence wanted to get a closer look at North Korean troops. Only fair since tensions have been building in the region.


CNN reported that the vice president was told not to go outside. Like that would stop him.

He told his security detail it was something he wanted to see.

This Korean DMZ is the border that separates North & South Korea. Often, talks with international VIPs generally occur here due to the small blue buildings known as ‘conference row’.

Kim Jong-un’s military minions were seen on the other side staring back at the VP and taking photos.

This visit comes after Pence warned NK earlier Monday not to test ‘the strength of the armed forces of the Unites States in this region.’

Strong words. Backed up by that death stare, it sure looks like he meant it.

However, he also said the Trump admin prefers finding a solution ‘through peaceable means’ and ‘negotiations.’

North Korea was spanked into place this weekend, backing down and refraining from testing a nuclear bomb. They have since vowed to test a new missile every week.

Trump didn’t pay too much attention to North Korea at the White House Easter egg roll on Monday. When asked he simply and bluntly stated, ‘they’ve gotta behave.’



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