Miley Cyrus Weeps While Reading Hillary Clinton a Thank You Note — We Can’t Help But Laugh [WATCH]

The Tonight Show, with host Jimmy Fallon, has a segment where he writes ‘thank you’ notes to various people. This version of the show took a turn last night.

Instead of Fallon reading the notes, various female writers for the show and guest Miley Cyrus did it. The letter were addressed to Hillary Clinton, who just happened to be there.

It turned into a moment of hilarity, even though that was not the intention.

“Thank you Hillary for being a constant beacon of strength, hope and determination for me and millions of other young women,” said an emotional Cyrus. “You’ve been a role model and an inspiration and a voice of reason in uncertain times. I could go on and on, but I’d like to get right to the point: Can I give you a hug?”

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Amanda Prestigiacomo from the Daily Wire points out that, ‘the pop singer with an affinity for being naked and smoking weed, campaigned her twerking bottom off for Hillary during the 2016 presidential election. Oddly enough, Cyrus’ sway did not push Hillary over the top to defeat Donald Trump.

‘The performer was such a diehard anti-Trumper, in fact, she vowed to leave the United States if Trump won the election.

‘(It’s October. She still lives here.)’

Here is what the other females said.

“Thank you, Hillary Clinton, for handling this difficult transition with more grace than I ever could have imagined,” said one writer. “That being said, call me day or night and I will be there with a gallon of ice cream and two spoons to tell you, ‘Girl, you are so much better than him!'”

“You may get the call,” replied Clinton.

Closing the show, Hillary thanked all them.

“Thank you Miley, the Tonight Show writers and all of the women and young girls out there,” she said. “You are smart, strong and deserving of every opportunity. Together we’ve made our voices heard, we’ve done great things and we’ve come a long way. But as Miley would say, we can’t stop, and we won’t stop,” joked Hillary.


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