MILEY HAS LOST IT AGAIN: Marijuana Leotard, Racy Clinton Skit and Twerking on the Liberty Bell… Miley Cyrus has Official Gone off the Deep End

Screenshot 2014-02-16 at 9.30.55 AMMiley Cyrus delivered a spectacle with furry creatures, a dwarf, a gigantic hot dog and a back-up dancer dressed up as former US President Bill Clinton.

The 21-year-old was having a good time as she showed off her X-rated moves during the first show  to kick off her Bangerz Tour on Friday.

Miley’s most shocking move was when she performed a racy song-and-dance with the Clinton impersonator during her Party In The USA finale number.

The singer was clad in red-white-and-blue outfit that consisted of a high-cut sparkly leotard, star-spangled cowboy boots and Stetson hat.

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Miley got down on her knee and crouched low while her masked partner in untucked shirt, black suit and tie grooved to the music in front of her.

The former Hannah Montana star, who’s been hell-bent on destroying her goody-two-shoes image, over achieved that mission while on stage at the Rogers Arena.

She wasn’t afraid of heights either as she belted out a tune while astride a huge hot dog and wearing a fluffy yellow jacket that reminded one of Tweety bird from the Loony Tunes cartoons.

American symbolism was everywhere as one of Miley’s dancers dressed up as the Statue Of Liberty and another little one donned a Liberty Bell.

Miley’s set featured 12 dizzying costume changes in all including a leotard prettily embellished with marijuana leaves and a daring red-sequin bodysuit.

Another number saw Miley strutting her stuff in black bra and furry, zebra-striped chaps and rhinestone belt, as well as fur-trailing gloves.

Miley did everything she could to shock and disobey convention as seen in the twerking and the grinding, the bending over and the tongue hanging out of her mouth.

In fact, the singer opened her concert by sliding out of a giant replica of her own mouth on a pink slide.

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