Military Parade to Occur on Veterans Day — Liberals Already Whining

It has been announced by the Pentagon that the military parade President Trump requested has been accepted and will take place on Veterans Day in Washington, D.C.

The parade is to honor every American who served from the Revolutionary War to present day and will be on the “100th anniversary of the end of the ‘War To End All Wars.'”

Of course  this hasn’t been a welcomed parade. The D.C. City Council tweeted “Tanks but No Tanks”.

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The document released by the Pentagon was addressed to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and provides him the “initial guidance,” which assured that the parade will not have tanks in it, to prevent damage to city streets.

NPR has reported an estimated cost of $3 – $50 million to host the event; however, the memo did not release the estimated cost of the event.

According to the document, the parade will start at the White House and end at the US Capitol, with a grand finale of a “heavy air component at the end.”

Military heroes will be invited to attend the even with President Trump in the reviewing area at the Capitol.

Is this parade a good idea? Give us your thoughts below.


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