More Than a MILLION Americans Off Food Stamps, Thanks to…

President Barack Hussein Obama’s legacy seems to be that of poverty and destruction.

When he took office in 2009, a total of 33.5 million people were receiving food stamp benefits; at the end of his second term, and when Trump kicked him out, the total was 44.2 million — 10.7 million more people in poverty.

‘The cost of the program to taxpayers rose from $50.3 billion to $66.6 billion — all while Obama’s administration pushed the idea that the economy was booming (it wasn’t),’ reports the Daily Wire.

With the unemployment rate dropping, due to Obama officials reducing the amount of people considered employed, millions of people were made to take food stamps.

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As Trump promised though, he has started to change the terrible job Obama did.

Via the Daily WireNew statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show nearly 1.5 million Americans have gotten off the food stamp rolls since President Trump took office in January 2017. That’s a 3.5% drop in less than a year.

They’ve been streaming off the rolls every month.

  • January to February – 408,956
  • February to March – 95,152
  • March to April – 521,295
  • April to May- 176,527
  • May to June – 178,648
  • June to July – 236,417

All the stats here.

Trump certainly has a big job ahead of him to undue all the damage Obama did and the biggest challenge he faces is within our own party.

Hold your representatives accountable and don’t let them stop Trump from making America great again!


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