Milo’s Launch Party for Book ‘Dangerous’ Features Jailed Hillary and Dwarf Trump

The ever so outspoken Milo Yiannopoulos self-published his latest book titled ‘Dangerous’ after publishers Simon & Schuster dropped their deal with him, amid controversy over child sex remarks Milo made.

Turns out that may have been a mistake for the publishing company.

Thanks to pre-orders, Milo’s book sold 100,000 copies upon it’s release and is now an best seller.

Of course the political pundit would never rub that in…

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Actually, he would.

On Friday, Yiannopoulos will hold a ‘free speech rally’ outside the Simon & Schuster headquarters for their ‘terrible mistake’ of canceling Dangerous.

‘It was the most anticipated book in decades, but they terminated MILO’s contract and canceled the book under intense pressure from leftists intent on shutting down free speech,’ a statement on Yiannopoulos’ website read.

‘Now it is time for lovers of free speech to strike back,’ the statement continued, adding that Yiannopoulos ‘will deliver a speech to the crowd, and it will be a giant spectacle — like every MILO event’.
Daily Mail

For the book’s launch party, Milo had little people dressed as Trump and a Hillary impersonator dressed in an orange jumper and ‘locked in jail’.

His speech at the event targeted CNN and all the leftists that he loves to bash.

Check out the show below.



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