MISSISSIPPI 20-YR-OLD WOMAN: Set to Plead Guilty for Supporting Terrorism with Plot to Join ISIS

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.03.20 AMHope this doesn’t mean she gets to be off and in the streets any time soon.

The 20-year-old Mississippi woman who once planned to join ISIS during a fake honeymoon to the Middle East now plans to plead guilty to a federal terrorism charge.

Jaelyn Young and her fiancé Muhammad Dakhlalla were arrested on August 8 before boarding a flight from Columbus, Mississippi, with tickets for Istanbul.

But FBI agents said Young had described the real point of their journey in an online chat with an undercover agent. She said they planned to travel to Iraq and Syria to join the Islamic State.

Young, a high school honors student, will admit to conspiring to provide material support to a terrorist organization on Tuesday in Aberdeen, Mississippi.

She faces up to 20 years in prison, $250,000 in fines and lifetime probation.

Dakhlalla, 22, pleaded guilty on March 11 to a similar charge and awaits sentencing.

Prosecutors have said Young, who converted to Islam while studying at Mississippi State University, prodded Dakhlalla into the plan.

Lawyers for Young did not return a call seeking comment Monday.

Their arrest came just days after the devastating Chattanooga shooting that left five American officers dead in August.

Young praised the shooter, Mohammad Abdulazeez, during an online chat with an undercover FBI agent, according to an affidavit.

‘What makes me feel bette[r] after just watching the news is that an akhi [brother] carried out an attack against US marines in TN! Alhamdulillah [Thanks be to God], the numbers of supporters are growing,’ she wrote on July 17, a day after the attack, according to the document read by ABC.

Meanwhile, she was trying to save money to move to Syria with Dakhlalla, who is also from Mississippi, to join the Islamist extremist group.

‘The only thing keeping me away is $ but working all of this overtime will be worth [it] when I am finally there,’ Young allegedly wrote in the online chat.


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