MITT ROMNEY: Shocks Everyone With His 2016 Voting Plans

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.17.12 AMSeems like Mitt still is working for that contested convention in July. What do you think about this?

Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee for President, said Thursday that he will not support Donald Trump in the general election.

During a dinner gala in Washington, Romney rejected the populist tone that candidates such as Trump and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders have seized upon:

“I see way too much demagoguery and populism on both sides of the aisle and I only hope and aspire that we’ll see more greatness.”

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Romney, who unsuccessfully attempted to persuade GOP voters to reject Trump in March, suggested that the country is at a turning point:

“I think it happens to be an inflection point in our history as we go through this dramatic change economically and militarily, socially, all those thing.”

He added that because of the seriousness of the American presidency, a potential Trump administration is appalling to him:

“And I happen to think that the person who is leading the nation has an enormous and disproportionate impact on the course of the world, so I am dismayed at where we are now, I wish we had better choices, and I keep hoping that somehow things will get better, and I just don’t see an easy answer from where we are.”


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