MODEL WIFE AND EX-FBI AGENT DAD: Charged with the Murder of Her Husband

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 9.41.37 AMThe murder weapon might shock you.

A former FBI agent and his daughter have been charged with murdering the woman’s husband, an Irish father-of-two living in the United States.

Molly Martens, 31, and her 65-year-old father Thomas Martens have been charged with second-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter in relation to the death of Molly Marten’s husband, Jason Corbett.

Corbett, 39, originally from Janseboro, Limerick, suffered fatal head injuries on August 2 at his house near Winston-Salem in North Carolina. Martens was his second wife.

The Davidson County sheriff’s office received an emergency call to the Corbett family house in Panther Creek Court at 3am to find Jason inside with fatal head injuries.

The caller, believed to be Thomas Martens, told responders that he had an argument with his son-in-law and struck him with a baseball bat, according to My Fox 8.

The second-degree murder charges could potential mean a life sentence if they are convicted.

Molly Martens and Corbett shared the North Carolina home with his two children from a former marriage.

Corbett’s first wife, Margaret Fitzpatrick Corbett, died in November 2006 of an asthma attack, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

But Molly Martens had been Corbett’s children’s au pair, and the couple soon began dating and married in 2011. Molly Martens never adopted Corbett’s children because he would not allow it.

Martens sought custody of the two children, Sarah and Jack, after Corbett’s death. She claimed in court that, as the children’s stepmother, she had a greater right to bring them up than Jason’s sister and brother-in-law in Ireland.

She lost that case, but is appealing the decision, and she has mounted an ongoing social media campaign in support of her claim.

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