Molotov Cocktails and Body Armor: Man Armed to the Nines Did Not Have His Field Day

molotov1Police are trying to figure out what a Nevada man in a stolen truck containing guns, Molotov cocktails and body armor was doing near the UW campus.

University of Washington police arrested the man Wednesday night in the 3400 block of Sand Point Way Northeast. A police source identified the suspect as Justin Miles Jasper, 21. He was booked into King County Jail on suspicion of possession of incendiary devices.

The suspect was driving a stolen truck that had in the back a stolen rifle with a scope, stolen shotgun, body armor and multiple Molotov cocktails, said UW Police Chief John Vinson.

UW police, as well as Seattle police, are trying to see what, if any, connection Jasper has to the UW or the Seattle area. He is not a student at the UW, Vinson said Thursday.

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UW police first encountered the man Tuesday evening during a routine patrol of the parking lot of Laurel Village, a UW housing complex. An officer questioned him after seeing him …



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