MOMMA’S GOT A GUN: Inventor of Flashbang Bra Holster only Wanted a Gun After she Became a Mom

It’s a mother’s instinct to protect her young, at all cost. And, for some women, that means carrying a firearm. One Oklahoma woman is making that task easier for women all across the country. She’s the inventor of a little device called.. the “Flashbang.”

“I just reach up and clear my shirt, grab and pop it straight down,” says Lisa Looper, the President and Founder of Flashbang Holsters, as she demonstrates her first invention. She says she never wanted to carry a gun until she became a mother. “I always had the philosophy that I could just run away if there was ever a situation that I needed to get out of. But, if you have a kid tucked under your arm or a kid strapped in a car seat, you can’t just leave. Having a gun helps me be able to protect my babies,” she says.

But, she wanted to be able to carry a gun without it getting in the way, and without having to change the way she dressed. “I tried everything that was out there and nothing would work for me. It would show through my clothes. It would print,” she says. So, she created the “Flashbang.” “That little nook just under the bust line is a really good place to hide a gun. This whole thing tucks underneath the bra band, and this little strap right here goes around the center part of the bra,” says Lisa, demonstrating the flashbang. “I have one on right now, but you’d never be able to tell,” she says. And, you can’t! By looking at her, you would never expect she’s carrying a high-powered women under her blouse. But, if an intruder tried to mess with he children, they’d quickly learn otherwise.

“My home was burglarized and I needed a way to protect my home and myself,” says Julie Routzahn, a mom and the Marketing Director for Flashbang Holsters.

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