MOM’S LITTLE HERO: Home Intruder Was Not Expecting This Youngster To Defend His Family

Kids usually rely on their parents to keep them safe. For this 11-year-old Bronx boy, however, the roles were reversed when a home intruder started beating his mother.

The little hero was at home with his mom and 4-year-old brother when the thug knocked on the door and asked to use the bathroom around 5pm.

The mom wasn’t stupid, though. She refused to let the stranger in. As soon as she did, the invader – believed to be 22-year-old Brian Febus – kicked in the door and made his way into the apartment.

The mother ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife to defend herself and her children.

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Febus overpowered her, took the knife and started to beat the woman, cutting her arm and hand.

That’s where our brave hero stepped in. According to Daily News, he first called 911 and reported there was a “robber in the house”. He then grabbed another knife and began to fend off the attacker.

He managed to stab Febus who then fled the apartment. He later showed up at St. Barnabas Hospital because of the injury.

He told the hospital staff he had been hurt in a street fight.

As luck would have it, the 11-year-old and his mother were at the same hospital…at the same time.

After police grew suspicious of Febus’ story, they took the mother and son into his room in hopes they could ID him.

The mother did just that.

The 4-year-old boy who was in the apartment during the attack was not harmed, thanks to his older brother’s actions.


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