sex-traffickingThrow away the key and let her rot.

The woman behind the biggest sex-trafficking ring ever busted in Texas has been sentenced to life in prison by a federal judge Wednesday.

Hortencia Medeles-Arguello, known as Tencha, was the mastermind behind the sex-trafficking operation that lasted for ten years at several locations in Houston where undocumented women and underage girls were forced to have sex with men for $500-an-hour.

A three year investigation by the federal government found that the 71-year-old woman and 14 other people were operating the illegal ring.

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‘Undocumented women and girls were forced to have sex with men at various cantinas,’ according to the evidence prosecutors presented at trial, KPRC reported.

‘There were about 17 rooms at Las Palmas and the rooms were nasty, horrible, dirty,’ federal prosecutor Ruben Perez, who tried the case, told KPRC.

‘These women came to American in search of the American dream and instead they ran smack into the American nightmare.

‘They didn’t come to America to be a prostitute, they came to make a better life for themselves, their kids, families and for their loved ones.’

During the trial, 12 rescued victims testified that they were forced to engage in prostitution against their will and recounted the horrors of their ordeal.

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