MORE HORRIFIC DETAILS EMERGE: In Cologne Muslim Mob Sexual Attacks

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.49.49 AMThis is going to make your blood boil.

The media is under fire for not reporting on the mass sexual attacks on New Years. I had it first in the US and it was slowly picked up in the following days. In Europe, it had been on social media only.

A Special Police Committee was formed to investigate 27 sexual attacks in Hamburg on New Year’s Eve. The Special committee was formed and there will likely be many more cases to come forward. The only difference between Cologne and Hamburg is the Muslims didn’t first shoot fireworks into the crowd that caused deliberate chaos. Reeperbahn is so crowded on weekends, these attackers were better able to blend in. Many more people will be coming forward and if the police readily admit 27 attacks, there are more.

One 18 year old victim is claiming that she had to go report her attack at a different police station as the police in Cologne sent her away. Others are saying that the police were no help that evening.

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One of the first victim’s to speak out, an 18-year-old named Michelle, described being surrounded by a group of 30 ‘angry’ men who groped her and her friends then stole their belongings as they fled

Michelle’s (pictured on German TV) shocking testimony comes as the city’s own council today admitted its town centre was now a ‘no-go area’ for women

Groped between the legs and a firework thrown into a hoodie: Brave female victims reveal the horrifying details after attacks by sex mob of 2,000 ‘North African and Arab’ men in Cologne,”

Two more Cologne victims describe being sexually assaulted and attacked
One, Jenny, suffered severe burns when a firework was shoved in her hood
Similar attacks also occurred on New Year’s Eve in Hamburg and Stuttgart
Police have admitted they fear it was part of a known criminal enterprise
Fear it was a professional gang who sexually assault women as distraction
Cologne town centre has been called a ‘no-go area’ by its own city council
There are now fears the upcoming carnival will be scene of similar assaults

By Corey Charlton and Imogen Calderwood For Mailonline, 6 January 2016

Police fear the violence in Cologne may be linked to a known criminal gang who use sexual assault as a means of distraction, as more than 100 women have so far reported being assaulted.

Two more victims have spoken out today on German TV, after they were sexually assaulted and attacked with fireworks during the city’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.

One woman, known only as Jenny, suffered serious burns when a firework was shoved into the hood she was wearing.

‘I heard a sizzling sound in my hood,’ said Jenny. ‘I somehow tried to get the firecracker out of the hood. Then it fell into my jacket and burned everything.’

She added: ‘The scars will be permanent. I was lucky that it didn’t explode.’

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