If you’re a Trump supporter you may want to think twice about putting his sign in your yard. This is some appalling behavior.

A 66 year-old Trump supporter was body-slammed to the ground by two young men after he put up Trump signs near a South Creek Library this week.

FOX 35 reported:

Orange County deputies are searching for two men who attacked a campaign volunteer.

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“First day of early voting, I was so excited,” explained Lou Valls, who volunteers for Donald Trump’s campaign. On Monday, he went to the South Creek Library to show his support in front of early voters. “I wanted to get their first, because I wanted to put my signs right by the prime real estate.” Valls said he placed 18 Trump signs out along Deerfield Blvd. “I was waving signs and that’s when it all happened.”

Deputies said two men battered Valls and stole from him. “They bolted and started pulling out my Trump signs and when that happened I confronted them, and when that happened, one of them body slammed me to the ground. Just ‘Bam!’ and there I am on the ground and they continue to pull my signs.”

Valls, 66, told deputies that the two suspects continued to laugh at him as he struggled to get back on his feet.

Another female Trump supporter was attacked at another Orlando library last week.
The Smoking Gun reported:

Another Trump volunteer told deputies that she was struck in the chest by a drink thrown from the window of a passing car.

Irma Bashore, 44, yesterday was outside another Orlando library holding a Trump sign when she “felt an impact to her stomach.” Bashore initially thought she had been hit by a rock, but realized that “her shirt and pants were wet with from what appeared to be a drink from Panera, possibly a cold coffee.”

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