MOSQUE LAND GRAB: City Council Wins Land Battle Against Dudley Muslim Association, Ruling Said…

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 7.50.40 AMLooks like England is tired of caving in to the Muslim population’s demands.

DUDLEY Council has won a legal battle over land earmarked for a replacement mosque in the town.

The Court of Appeal unanimously ruled in favour of the council over its bid to buy back the land in Hall Street from the Dudley Muslim Association (DMA).

The ruling brings to an end the long-running legal dispute as three Court of Appeal judges have unanimously ordered the DMA to transfer the land back to the council in January 2016.

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Earlier this year, the DMA offered to pay the council £325,000 to settle the dispute and retain the land.

The council’s all party Overview and Scrutiny Management Board held a two-day hearing to determine whether or not the authority should accept the deal, before cabinet rejected the offer in August following the board’s recommendations.

All members of the scrutiny board unanimously acknowledged the need for a new mosque to replace the existing building in Castle Hill which is not fit for purpose.

The Court of Appeal judges backed the council’s plans to work with the DMA to find an alternative site.

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