Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 8.29.15 AMQuite the frightening scenario. Thankfully the mother was quick thinking. What would you do if you found this hanging to your child’s head?

THE MOTHER of a young boy dramatically attacked in his home near Macksville by a large python has recounted the horrifying incident to the Guardian.

The six-year-old boy’s mother, Tamara, woke to Tyler’s blood-curdling screams after he was bitten several times on his face and hand by a three-metre long python.

She ran into the room and ripped the snake off her son’s body after the reptile managed to slither into their Eungai Rail home.

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“It was like a nightmare,” Tamara told the Guardian.

“It was a terrifying scream and I didn’t know what had happened – I certainly didn’t think it involved a snake.

“I have no idea how it even got into the house.”

When Tamara entered the bedroom she said the snake was wrapped around her son’s belly.

“I tried to pull Tyler from the bed but he didn’t come with me … I had to roll him, then pull,” she said.

“I saw his face and the blood and his eyes were still closed so I don’t think he was fully awake.

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