‘Mother of All Bombs’ Aftermath: First Footage Shows Absolute DESTRUCTION of ISIS Fortress

The aftermath of the ‘mother of all bombs’ that was dropped on ISIS is absolutely incredible.

Earlier in April, President Trump gave the US Military the green light to drop our second largest ‘non-nuclear’ bomb.

They targeted a massive fortified tunnel complex used by suspected ISIS fighters in Afghanistan in the Nangarhar province.

The newly released footage shows how devastating the blast was to the area with massive holes blasted into the earth and everything in the area completely reduced to rubble.

The US military has said that ongoing fighting had prevented media or independent investigators from visiting the site, and Afghan soldiers said special forces from both countries were still engaging the enemy in the area.

A witness viewed the site from several hundred yards away, because of what troops he was accompanying said were continued threats in the area.

The fight against ISIS isn’t over, but President Trump has given the military more leniency to take action against the terrorist organization.

Hopefully with more freedom to take action, our forces can end this war sooner than later.

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