MOTHER ENABLER: Probe Finds Adam Lanza’s Mom Strong Armed Officials From Treating Her Son


When you have a child this troubled, the last thing you should do is teach them how to shoot.

Adam Lanza had always been a child in need of help.

At age 3, he was referred to special education after he began to exhibit oddly repetitive behaviors and couldn’t socialize like most kids.

By fourth grade, he had been diagnosed with anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and autism.

Yet year after year — as psychiatrists insisted that Lanza should be on treatment and strict medication — his mother Nancy refused to follow through on the requests.

She chalked up her son’s behavior to a presumed superior intelligence, seeing him as a gifted student, despite testing done by experts showing he presented average intelligence.

But, as the years went on, the truth became clearer: Adam Lanza was a deeply troubled young man who obsessed over mass killings as he fell deeper into a pit of mental illness while his mother ignored his struggles

These are the findings of a new report by the Office of the Child Advocate in Connecticut, which released on Friday a 114-page dossier about the life of the shooter who massacred 20 children and six adult staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown on December 14, 2012.

The report charges that the local school system enabled Nancy Lanza as she accommodated and appeased her son — even as he became more withdrawn socially and exhibited frightening signs of his obsession with murder.

The Office of the Child Advocate says there were missed opportunities to provide more treatment for Lanza.

‘Both AL’s mother and his educational team shared a goal of managing and accommodating, rather than securing treatment for, AL’s disabilities, and likely this approach was fueled by a lack of critical information and guidance,’ the report says.

The report adds: ‘There were early indications of AL’s preoccupation with violence, depicted by extremely graphic writings that appeared to have been largely unaddressed by schools and possibly by parents.’

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