Mr. Hipster Thinks 9/11 Memorial is Xenophobic

mr hipsterby Andy Brown–As we mourn the loss of lives from the terrorist attacks twelve years ago, one would think that the entirety of the United States of America would simply bow their heads in respect.

I, however, encountered someone who was not on the same page as the rest of us. On campus our College Republican group, myself included, paid our respects by setting up a 9/11 memorial with 2,977 flags, with each flag representing a person murdered by Islamic terrorists on that day. Each passerby and each student who had an inquiry was supportive and thankful of our efforts.

However, there was one student who stuck out like an obese woman in a bikini two sizes too small. This lad asked, “Why aren’t there flags of other countries?”

I told him that we are mourning the loss of the American lives on this day because the attacks happened on American soil. Clearly this was not the answer he wanted to hear because he decided to bring up 40,000 lives lost around the globe in whatever conflict.

All citizens of the USA know they are American citizens, right? According to this hipster we’re world citizens before American citizens. He then told me that he feels “uneasy” every September 11th since 2001 due to a surge in “nationalism” all Americans feel on this day.

In his infinite wisdom Mr. Hipster said this 9/11 memorial was xenophobic.


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How on earth can a memorial honoring lost lives be xenophobic?

Oh, I know! Wait, no I don’t.

Out of everyone who stopped by, he left me dazed and confused from such deplorable words against the memorial. Yes, he has a First Amendment that protects such idiotic speech but it’s people like him that upset me to no end. He has no idea how well off he is in these United States because if he spewed his spittle in countries without our constitutional rights, he’d be hauled off to a gulag for reeducation (that doesn’t sound like a bad idea though), but I’m preaching to the choir.

Degenerates like him make me glad we have students who participate in College Republicans and other conservative student organizations to combat Marxist thought. Without such groups and student activists, incoming freshman and the apathetic would most likely be lured into the mindset of this iconoclastic hipster.

For the sake of our Republic, we cannot accept this. After squashing every BS argument of his I was left emboldened and more willing to advance the conservative message not just on campus but off campus as well. We cannot accept leftist remarks like his and not do anything to stop them.

Now I may have gone off on a tangent but that’s all right, getting involved wherever you are is an absolute must. Find local Tea Party events, attend your local BPOU meetings, and protest hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle. Whatever it is you do, we MUST not let ideas like that hipster’s to permeate our society any further than they already have. Stand up and be bold. Where’s Joe McCarthy when you need him?

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Andy Brown is a student in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mr. Brown is also the Vice-Chair of the College Republicans on his campus, 2nd amendment advocate, and cigar aficionado. Follow him on Twitter @SirBrownThunder.


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